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Metoda Pagese Ora Depozite Min/Maks
Visa 0% Pernjehere € 20/€ 2000
MasterCard 0% Pernjehere € 20/€ 2000
Neteller 0% Pernjehere € 20/€ 2000
Skrill 0% Pernjehere € 20/€ 2000
PaysafeCard 0% Pernjehere € 20/€ 2000
Trustly 0% Pernjehere € 20/€ 2000
EPS 0% Pernjehere € 20/€ 2000
Przelewy24 0% Pernjehere € 20/€ 2000
SafetyPay 0% Pernjehere € 20/€ 2000
Instant Transfer 0% Pernjehere € 20/€ 2000
Trustpay 0% Pernjehere € 20/€ 2000

Payment method details

Kartat Visa mund te perdoren per te transferuar fonde ne portofolin Vegasplay juaj.

Kartat qe mbajne logon Mastercard pranohen per transferta tek portofoli Vegasplay juaj.

Neteller eshte nje menyre e mirenjohur nderkombetare per pagesa online. Te gjitha parate e transferuara nga NETELLER tek llogaria juaj Vegasplay kalojne pernjehere. Kliko ketu nese deshiron te hapesh nje llogari Neteller

Skrill - eshte nje lider nderkombetar per pagesat online. Mund te mbushni shume thjesht llogarine tuaj Skrill nepermjet nje karte banke ose nje llogarie bankare. Kalimi I atyre fondeve ne llogarine tuaj Vegasplay kryhet ne kohe reale. Kliko ketu nese deshiron te hapesh nje llogari Skrill.

Mund te paguani Cash pa pasur nje llogari bankare ose karte. Me ane te Paysafecard mund te paguani shpejt dhe thjesht.

Trustly is one of the most popular online payment solutions that allows you to transfer money from your bank account to your Vegasplay wallet.

EPS is a well-known bank transfer scheme allowing to secure payments over the Internet to your Vegasplay account via internet banking applications and it is available around the clock, irrespective of bank opening times.

Przelewy24 is an Internet payment method available at Vegasplay based on online banking. It is a quick, secure and simple solution to process payments on the Internet.

SafetyPay is a secure payment method that permits you to make real-time money transactions in your local currency, directly from your bank account to your Vegasplay wallet.

Instant Transfer is an Internet payment method based on online banking. Once you request an Instant Transfer, the money is immediately in your Vegasplay account.

TrustPay is a payment gateway which enables you to transfer funds to your Vegasplay wallet securely without changing your favourite payment option: by using TrustPay you are allowed to send payments from VISA and MasterCard credit card, bank account in any of the supported banks, Paysafecard vouchers and PayPal account.

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100% ne depoziten e pare!

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Shtuesi I Bonusit

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Mer bonus 10% sa here qe ben nje depozite!

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